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Gabrielle's Patient Journey | Avery Plastic Surgery | Avery

Gabrielle’s Journey

My name is Gabrielle. I’m originally from the country, a small town Armadale, but I’ve been in Newcastle for about 10 years. I met my husband in the workplace and have two beautiful boys, age two and five. Happiness to me is when we’re all together as a family being happy and feeling whole.

I was deciding whether I was going to continue having children and trying to manage work-life balance, working out who I was. You get caught up in the whole you’re a mother, you’re a mother, but who am I?

So I was trying to find something that I knew I was missing. I had big breasts, and so the changes to my body were all natural. However, they didn’t make me feel like myself. I couldn’t just go down the path of having augmentation or a cosmetic surgeon fix me. I had to find somebody who could do a procedure where they take skin and lift me back up to where I was before.

I’m back to being an independent person who can now be myself.


I guess I didn’t understand the depths of plastic surgery before I started doing some research. You wonder what people are going to think of you, whether you are making the right decision, the risks involved. To me it was the like, “I’m going to make this decision. I’m going to stick to it, and I’m going to be happy with it, and there’s no looking back.” That was the attitude I went into it with and it was a positive experience the whole way through.

After the surgery, I feel like a woman and just complete, I guess. The person that I was before I had plastic surgery wasn’t me. The plastic surgery has brought me back to who I was before I had kids. I’m back to being an independent person who can now be myself, a mother, a wife, a worker, everything. So I wouldn’t change it for the world.