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Breast reconstructive surgery

We understand that when you come to us seeking help, you open yourself up and share your story, your fears and your doubts.

We are passionate about creating a physical change that matches who you are on the inside.

We embrace all of this with compassion and understanding to help you start your journey.

We take care of all our patients, as we would like to be treated ourselves.

Avery, Celebrating You

At Avery, we provide a place where our patients feel safe, heard and understood.

We are about promoting the real, human side of our patient’s journeys in a committed effort to break down the stereotypical message that cosmetic surgery often conveys. We believe that each person has the right to modify something about themselves that does not fit with the internal sense of who they are. But, we understand that every person's journey is different.

Find out more about how we are celebrating you.

Starting Your Unique Journey

At Avery, we welcome the opportunity to have an open conversation with you to understand the changes you are looking for with surgery. Our patients’ stories matter a great deal to us.

Wherever you are on your personal journey, we would like to assist you. Dr Avery will listen to your concerns and what you want to achieve with surgery. Dr Avery will assess your health and medical history to ensure any surgical procedure you are considering is a safe and appropriate choice for you.

You can hear what some of our patients thought of the customer experience provided by Avery by watching the short film below.