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Robyn's Journey

I just feel so much more confident, giving me better life experiences.

I love my two dogs, Audrey and Brian, they're miniature dachshunds. They're my life. I did art photography, sewing, fashion and now I'm in banking. I don't know how I got there, it just happened and I love it!

I always kind of knew in my teen years that I would be on this journey to do this. It's just taken me a really long time to get there.

I'm very visual and I wanted to see something that I felt on the inside. So, I made the decision and I called the surgery. I was so nervous about calling, I didn't know what to expect.

I spoke to a girl there and she was so calming and made me feel normal about what I was doing. On the day of the surgery, I thought I was going to just completely cancel it, I thought "what am I doing, I'm going to die, this is crazy", but when I got there, I couldn't ask for a better experience. It was just phenomenal, they were amazing. I feel like they're my family as well. I just feel that genuine kindness, they just care so much. It was an experience I'll never forget – it was just so beautiful.

I just feel so much more confident, giving me better life experiences. It sounds so silly but it's so true. It's making me feel like I can be the best person I can be and give that best person to all my loved ones; my friends my family and also be the best person I can be at work, which is super important to me.

Make that change if it's going to make you feel better about who you are and how you present yourself. Do it. You only have one life and it's a short life. Happiness is that confidence, feeling good about yourself.