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Thank you for the expert care you have taken of all my patients this year.

- Dr Wilson

Male breast surgery has become an increasingly common procedure in recent years. This is mainly due to a better general understanding and acceptance of what can cause male breast tissue to overdevelop, a condition called male breast overdevelopment, or gynaecomastia.

Gynaecomastia affects an estimated 40–60% of men and occurs when the natural male breast responds to certain hormones, giving the appearance of breast tissue. This can generally be corrected with a tailored male breast reduction leaving minimal scars.

This procedure has made a huge difference to the lives of many men, enabling them to enjoy the simple things, like going to the beach without wearing a shirt or feeling self-conscious.

Dr Avery has over a decade of experience in plastic surgery and has been performing gynaecomastia surgery in Newcastle since 2013.

Gynaecomastia Surgery Consultation
During an initial consultation, Dr Avery will assess your relevant medical history and before going any further, ensure that a male breast reduction procedure is a safe and appropriate choice for you.

Some patients may also wish to discuss combining gynaecomastia surgery with other similar procedures, such as liposuction to address stubborn love handles or excess fat around the abdomen.
Gynaecomastia Surgery Procedure
Correction of gynaecomastia removes fat and excess glandular tissue from the chest area using liposuction. A small incision is made around the outside edge of each areola, where scarring will be minimally visible.

In some cases, an excision technique may be required in addition to liposuction, to remove large amounts of glandular tissue and excess skin.

All of our male breast procedures are performed under general anaesthetic in an accredited hospital, with appropriately trained support staff.
Gynaecomastia Surgery Recovery
Gynaecomastia surgery is generally perfomred as a day procude but occaionally an overnight stay is required. Depending on the complexity of the surgery and any additional procedures, 1–2 weeks off work may also be recommended.

There will be some bruising and swelling, which generally subsides about 2 weeks after the surgery. Patients recovering from a male breast surgery will be required to wear a compression garment for 2–6 weeks to reduce post-operative pain or swelling.

A customised pain relief program will be created for each patient and issued before leaving the hospital. If circumstances change at any stage during the recovery period, then the pain medication can certainly be adjusted accordingly.

Gynaecomastia Surgery FAQ's

Could gynaecomastia (male breasts) be breast cancer?
Gynaecomastia is a benign condition. Breast cancer although uncommon in men is possible. Both gynecomastia and breast cancer can be seen as a change in the appearance and size of the breast or nipple and areola and therefore, it is important to have any lumps checked by a doctor.
What scarring will there be after male breast reduction?
The incision required depends on the severity of gynaecomastia taking into account the skin excess and quality and also the size of the breast tissue. Typically, an incision is made around the lower border of the areola and as the scar fades is usually hidden at the border of the areola with the surrounding skin. Scarring will vary between patients depending on the amount of fat and breast tissue removed, and the amount of elasticity in the skin.
What happens during recovery after male breast reduction surgery?
It is common for patients to experience some swelling and soreness. Compression around the chest after surgery helps to reduce swelling and produce a smooth and even result.
Do I need any special tests?
Blood tests and an ultrasound may be useful in some men with gynaecomastia. Occasionally a hormone imbalance may contribute to the appearance of gynaecomastia.
Will the entire gland be removed during the Surgery?
The aim of gynaecomastia surgery is to create a normal appearing male chest. Often the majority of the breast tissue is removed to achieve this. Breast tissue in men and women extends all the way into the nipple and areola. To ensure gynaecomastia surgery does not over correct the initial problem some amount of breast tissue will be left attached to the areola.
Will the nipple sensation be lost after Breast Reduction Surgery?
Nipple sensation may change following surgery, which can be temporary or permanent.
How long is the recovery time?
Typically, patients return to work within one to two weeks of surgery. Light exercise can recommence from one to two weeks post-surgery with unrestricted activity generally from four to six weeks after surgery.
How long does the surgery take?
Gynaecomastia surgery will take between one and two hours. Most commonly this is performed as a day procedure but occasionally an overnight stay in hospital is required.