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We’ll always give straight forward, honest answers.

You probably have many questions about whether or not you should have surgery. We are here to help.

My role is to walk alongside you during your surgical journey.

I help guide you through the options available, and it is a partnership to achieving the outcome together.
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A range of breast surgeries to address cosmetic concerns, medical symptoms, and/or alignment with well-being.
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Surgeries designed to sculpt body tissue to create or restore a shape that reflects how you feel on the inside
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Facial plastic surgery may be performed to resolve health issues and to relieve the effects of ageing.
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Reconstructive surgery aims to restore form and function to areas of the body which have been damaged.
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Skin Cancer

We operate on patients of any age, with any type of skin cancer, on any part of the body.
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Our Practice
Dr Avery’s Practice is located on the ground floor of the Old Steamship Company building in Watt St.
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