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Welcome to Avery

Dr Avery is fortunate to be supported by a fantastic team of people here at Avery, and you will get to meet all of us. We have Mel, our Practice Nurse; Anne-Marie, our Care Team Manager, and Tayla, Alice, Shauna and Michelle, our Care Team Coordinators. Together we have over 30 years’ experience caring for people and we can’t wait to help you with your journey.

We aim to provide a warm and inviting environment within Avery for everyone to feel comfortable and at ease.

Our team is passionate about service, we understand that when you come to us you open yourself up and share your story, including your fears and your hopes.

We embrace all of this with compassion and understanding to help you start your journey.

The Avery team is experienced, professional, and caring.

Watch the video below to meet our team, the people who collectively will walk alongside you during your surgical journey from the first time we meet, your surgery, and through your recovery.