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Chloe's Journey

Chloe before the journey was very self-conscious.

I was always trying to hide who I was and I wouldn't go to certain things because I felt like I wasn't going to be able to wear the things I wanted and do the things I wanted to really do.

I'm Chloe, I am 24 years old, and I am originally from Harrington. I thought about it for years. Years I wanted to contact somebody and just get a consult. And then I was like why do I keep putting it off. Just make a call, go talk to someone, and see what they have to say. And I left that appointment with the biggest smile on my face, and I said to my mum, I was like "I have to do this."

So Gary was amazing. Seeing him on the day of surgery, it makes you feel at ease. I was a bit "oh my God. Am I doing the right thing?" And then the minute he walked into the room I was like, "I'm good". He personally called my mum to let her know that I was out of surgery. So it's that personal touch, and it doesn't feel cold or like you're just off seeing your doctor. You're seeing a family member. You're seeing a friend. You're seeing someone that is familiar.

Do it. Don't put it off. Just book the appointment and do it. I wish I had of done it years ago. Since having surgery, I feel so much more confident. I'm so much happier. I feel like I'm a better person as cliché as that sounds. It's changed my world and made me who I really am.