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Paula's Journey

My name is Paula. I’m from New Zealand, and I moved to Australia after travelling for a few years about 20 years ago. I work in a bit of a corporate world. I work in Workers’ Compensation. I’m a little bit of a crazy dog person, so they’re my little family.

At about 46, I remember looking in the bathroom mirror, and my eyes had just collapsed into my eyelids. It made me look a lot older than I felt. No one else could tell, because I wore glasses, but I could tell, and I didn’t like it. Sometimes it can be a little bit confronting when you realise you might feel young inside, but your body’s betraying what the actual reality is.

There was no stress to it. It was very, very easy.


I always thought plastic surgery was something that was prohibitive cost-wise, or that’s something that other people did, but then I researched it and found that I could do it. I thought it would be a lot more clinical than it was, but it was a lot more friendly and comfortable. There was no stress to it. It was very, very easy. Over and done with. I have eyelids again, so it was great.

I feel great. I’ve just turned 50, which is, you know, quite a shock to the system. I feel confident, and I still enjoy putting a bit of lipstick on, putting a nice frock on, and just enjoying life.