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Tayla Harrang Photo

Tayla Harrang

Front Desk

I will likely be the first of many smiling faces you see when you come into Avery. My aim is to make you feel welcome and comfortable.

Tayla Harrang

Tayla grew up in Sydney until 2 years ago she decided to make the move to Newcastle with her partner and Bulldog (Boris). Tayla wakes up every morning of the week at 4.45 am to smash out a quick f45 session before she comes into work to sip on her triple shot coffee at her desk.

Tayla brings years of customer service experience with airlines and hotels to her role with Avery. She is passionate about creating a connection with every person that contacts Avery or walks through our doors. Tayla makes it her mission to make you feel welcome - from that first phone call and first consultation, through to your final post-operative visit.