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The entire team have been by my side throughout this whole process and have made me feel so special from beginning to end.

- Emma

Occasionally some areas of the facial skeleton can appear underdeveloped in comparison to other features. A weak or receding chin can throw your profile out of balance, making the neck appear fleshier and the nose seem much larger than it is.

A chin implant, or chin augmentation, is a relatively simple surgery where a silicone or other implant is inserted to augment the natural shape of the skeleton. A popular procedure to restore self-confidence for both men and women, chin augmentation helps define the lower part of the face, giving it a more balanced appearance.

Dr Avery has over a decade of experience in plastic surgery and has been performing facial surgery in Newcastle since 2013.

Facial Implants Consultation
During your initial consultation, Dr Avery will assess your relevant medical history and before going any further, ensure that a facial implant procedure is a safe and appropriate choice for you.

One of the main concerns patients have with a chin augmentation is that it will appear unnatural or out of proportion for their face. In fact, chin implants produce very subtle results which aim to simply replace what was missing for a natural-looking result.

If you are considering facial implants, book a consultation with Dr Avery and together you can discuss the different options available, developing a personalised treatment plan. Patients undergoing rhinoplasty may consider some form chin implant to create a more harmonious balance between facial features.
Facial Implants Procedure
Depending on the size of the implant, an incision may be made just below the chin or inside the mouth, between the gum and the lower lip. The chin implant is then positioned in front of the jawbone and Dr Avery will check to see how it balances out with the other facial features.

Sometimes the implant may need to be modified to ensure the desired outcome is achieved. Once any required alterations have been made, the implant is then sutured into place and the incision closed.

An uncomplicated facial implant procedure is generally a day surgery, lasting only 45–90 minutes with another hour of recovery time before the patient can go home.
Facial Implants Recovery
As with any operation, the patient will need to organise somebody to drive them home and it is recommended that they have another adult stay with them during the first night after surgery.

Patients may return to work and normal activities within 1–2 weeks after facial implant surgery, depending on the complexity of the procedure. Vigorous physical activity is not recommended during the recovery period.

There will be some bruising and swelling, which generally subsides about a week after the operation. Patients recovering from facial implant surgery may be required to wear a compression bandage to provide support for the new implant and reduce post-operative pain or swelling.

A customised pain relief program will be created for each patient and issued before leaving the hospital. If circumstances change at any stage during the recovery period, then the pain medication can certainly be adjusted accordingly.

Scars from chin implant surgery are generally minimally visible or not at all, as most incisions are made beneath the jawline or inside the mouth. Visible scars can vary depending on the complexity of the facial implant surgery and how well your skin copes with scarring.