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Rachel's Journey

I'm Rachel, I'm 31. I have a little boy, he's five, I laugh every day because of him, and I smile every day because of him. He makes me grow from strength to strength every day.

I think we all grow up in a society where beauty is about looks and fashion and that sort of thing. You do feel good when you feel beautiful, but I think a massive beauty in someone is their heart and their soul, the personality behind them is everything.

Something that I've struggled with for a long time is to see my own beauty in myself.

It was a big journey, getting to plastic surgery, but once I knew that the option was out there, it was something that I definitely wanted to do. Best decision I've ever made. I love it.

I don't say this about myself a lot, but I'm very proud of myself. Plastic surgery was that finishing piece of the puzzle, and I am so, so happy that I've done it because I just feel that I'm the best person that I can be.