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Pennie's Patient Journey | Avery Plastic Surgery | Avery

Pennie’s Journey

My name’s Pennie. I’m a mum and a wife and I have recently discharged from the army after nearly 20 years. I had an accident – I was at a gym flipping a tire and a basketball ring fell down and smashed my face. The ring came down and fell across my cheek and my nose. When the accident first happened I looked hideous, think black eyes, one eye closed over, and a lot of swelling.

It’s good to be able to walk out the house knowing that I look like me again


Then to have the surgeries you get the black eyes again and the swelling again, so you go through those same emotions of hating on yourself and feeling uncomfortable. The first operation cleared a bit of an airway, but I was still having a lot of trouble breathing so that was one of my main issues being able to breathe properly again, aside of how I looked.

I was looking into the plastic surgery within weeks of first ENT (ear nose and throat) surgery because I was uncomfortable, I didn’t feel like myself, and I hated the sight of myself in the mirror really.

The one thing I was nervous about was coming out of the surgery and not looking like me, my kids not recognising me, and I actually had a little panic attack pre-surgery and had to be calmed down a little bit because of that. But it looks just like I did before. My nose was an S-bend, it’s now straight.

Beauty to me is the ability to be you and it’s good to be able to walk out the house knowing that I look like me again and I’m not be embarrassed about it anymore.