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Nat's Journey

My name’s Nat, and I’m 45. My husband and I have six kids. Happiness to me is hanging out at home from Friday through Sunday with the kids, and having a couple of drinks and a swim in the pool.

After we had our last baby, I was not happy with my weight. I found that I was eating for the sake of eating. When I used to get ready to go out, I’d look above my shoulders and make sure my face and hair were good. When someone would take a picture of me, I’d try to get to the back of the picture. If I ever got to the front of the group photo, I’d look at myself and go, ‘gosh, is that really me?’ That’s not how I felt, but it was definitely how I looked so I decided to have weight loss surgery, which resulted in extra skin. I just wasn’t happy with the way I looked. I’d lost 40 kilos and needed to put things back where they are meant to be.

I feel great. I’m always confident – it’s just brought that out even more.


A girlfriend of mine who had also had the weight loss surgery had a breast reduction done. I looked at myself one morning, and I thought, I’ve got to have that done. I’ve got to fix my legs and I’ve got to fix my boobs. I’ve got to put them back up where they belong.

I feel great. I’m always confident – it’s just brought that out even more. Now I put bikinis on, and I don’t particularly care. I love going clothes shopping. I love going into a shop knowing that I can try on a size ten or a size twelve and it’s going to fit. I don’t have to take things in or hold things up. It’s nice not to have to wear a bra, let’s be honest.