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I'm Marilyn, and I'm from Singleton. I'm a wife, a mother, a grandmother and a great-grandmother. I do patchwork, quilting and as long as I know everybody else is okay, I'm quite happy.

Being a mother and a grandmother, it was always "is everybody else right?" before I do this for me. Everybody was happy, everybody was fine, and then it was my turn, and I felt like it would complete me in the sense that I was happy.

It was a good experience, it was a very positive experience. I'll never be Claudia Schiffer, but while ever I look better, I feel better, and when I feel better, everything just rotates around that.

What I started out to do I've now completed, and I feel so much better in myself and more confident. Clothes shopping is a dream, and if I look good, I feel good.