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Lauren's Journey

Beauty to me is, loving yourself.

I'm Lauren, I'm 22 years old, and I work for an insurance company. And I live with my partner and my two dogs. So pre decision, I just spent every day hating the way that I looked. So, it was really emotional. It's hard to talk about.

Beauty to me is, loving yourself. Not only who you are but, the way that you look and feel about yourself as well. I wasn't really sure what to expect when I did reach out to doctor Avery. But when I met doctor Avery, I did feel really comfortable when he explained everything to me. Never made me feel weird, or not normal for what I wanted to have done and they've all been so lovely. I just feel like I'm part of their, sort of, little family that they have.

Ever since I've had my procedure done, like, everyone's just been telling me that I've been, like, radiating with confidence, and I'm a completely different person. The advice I'd have to someone in my position would be to do it, and that if you're not happy with yourself, that it's okay to do something about it instead of spending all of your time not liking who you are and not liking something about you that you can easily fix.