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Joy's Journey

My name is Joy, and I have two grown-up children, a fifteen and a half-year-old grandson and a one-year-old grandson. Five years ago, I found a lump and had a mastectomy, and it really changed my whole life. I didn’t worry that I’d lost a breast, but it wasn’t the same as far as comfort with a prosthesis. It was hot in summer and was uncomfortable.

For people in my circumstances, it’s life-changing.


Each year, I’d go for my yearly check-up to my breast cancer surgeon and he’d ask if I’d thought about reconstruction. At first, I didn’t think it mattered, losing a breast, but it does. I think it changes not just how you look in clothes, but how you feel about yourself as a woman. It took me a few months to make an appointment, and then I had the reconstruction on the left breast. I didn’t know whether I wanted to see a Plastic Surgeon and what it would be like.

You think plastic surgery is beautiful people having cosmetic procedures done, but I was wrong. Exactly five years to the day I had the mastectomy, I had the implant put in. The result just was amazing, and it just changed my life completely. I’m not twenty-odd any more, but I would recommend it to anybody that’s gone through breast cancer. I felt affected by cancer, and now I can feel whole again. For people in my circumstances, it’s life-changing.