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Emma's Patient Journey | Avery Plastic Surgery | Avery

Emma's Journey

I’m Emma and I’m 24. I’m getting married next year. I have got a really great partner, and yeah, it’s just all kind of great.

In high school I was always the good friend, or the funny one, and so I never looked at myself as an attractive person. Just because you want to change something about yourself doesn’t mean that you’re doing it for some vain, awful reason. There might be something that actually makes you so upset about yourself that you want to change it, but for the better and to have a better life.

Life is too short. It’s too short to be hating on yourself.


I had started going to the gym and lost a bit of weight and started feeling better about myself, but it was almost like nothing was ever good enough. I um’ed and ah’ed about getting surgery and there is a stigma around it. I guess I worried – would I get it done and then be embarrassed? I need to be fully comfortable, and be able to say, “Oh, this is what I’ve had done,” and feel proud of it, not ashamed.

Honestly, since I’ve had it done, best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve done something that makes me feel so good, that no matter kind of what size I’m at, I’m probably going to feel good about myself, because I’ve changed the one thing that just brought me down all the time. You might actually dislike something about yourself so much that you can’t get past it, and you can’t be your full happy self because it’s always going to block you. Life is too short. It’s too short to be hating on yourself.