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Danielle's Journey

My name is Danielle. I'm 29 years old. The past couple of years have been absolute hell. Sometimes now that I'm kind of through it, I look back and I go, "Did that actually happen?"

I was in emergency all night. They didn't know what was wrong and I was pretty critical. I had two operations. It was probably the hardest thing that I've had to do. My body's just been through absolute torture.

As I got dressed in the morning, I looked in the mirror. It was making me feel anxious. It was making me feel uncertain and make me have low self-esteem. It was almost like I needed to reconnect with my identity, but I couldn't do that because of my physical appearance.

And then, I started my journey in trying to find a plastic surgeon. I was looking for someone who would tell me the truth and be 110% honest with the final result. That's when I found him.

Now, I am engaged to a magnificent man called Jack and he has stood by me throughout the past couple of years, so everything now is fantastic. I'm here. I'm breathing fresh air. And I can be a woman. I feel beautiful when I look in the mirror.