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Claire's Journey

I'm Claire. I live in Mount Vincent, New South Wales. I have two girls, who are six and two – I'm married.

Beauty to me is self-confidence, and after having two children, I did sort of lack confidence in life. I could never just pick up a top and take it home without having to try it on and after a while, it gets you down not being able to go, "Oh, I'll have that," because you don't know if it's going to fit or anything.

When you have two children you think, "Should I do it? If something goes wrong, what's going to happen to them?" I was excited to maybe get a little bit more self-confidence back and I was also nervous because it's a big decision to make. I thought, "No, I'm just going to do it because if I don't do it now, and I keep putting it off, then it was going to be something that I might never do and then I'd probably regret that."

Now I feel 10 million times better. Exercise has been a lot easier for me to do, and I do feel more confident in myself. After meeting the surgeon and his team, any questions that I had, were answered and I had the opportunity to make calls. It was an easy process and from the minute you walk through the door, everybody's lovely to you.