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Claire's Journey

I’m Claire, of New South Wales. I have two girls who are six and two, I’m married, and happiness to me is wine time on the weekends.

Beauty to me is self-confidence. After having two children, I did sort of lack confidence in life a little bit. I could never pick up a top and take it home without having to try it on, even buying a bra was an issue.

Exercise is a lot easier for me to do, I feel more confident in myself now.


My mother had a breast reduction years ago, so I knew that the whole process of any surgery is pretty safe. I was excited to be able to get a little bit more self-confidence back and nervous because it’s a big decision to make. I just thought, “No, I’m going to do it.” Because if I don’t do it now, and I keep putting it off, then it was going to be something that I might never do, and I’d probably regret that.

Exercise is a lot easier for me to do, and feel more confident in myself now. Go and meet with the surgeon, and meet his team. Any questions that I could have possibly had were answered. It was an easy process because even from the minute you walk in the front door, everybody’s lovely to you.