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How do I get a consultation?

Telephone Avery on 4002 4150 to discuss Dr Avery’s availability for the consultation and the cost. Consultations can only be booked over the telephone due to the changing nature of Dr Avery’s calendar.

When can I be seen for a consultation?

There is generally a 3-6 week wait for a consultation with Dr Avery, although at times, earlier slots can become available. If your concern is urgent, please let our team know and Dr Avery will do his best to accommodate you.

How long is a cosmetic consultation?

Approximately 30 minutes with Dr Avery. Then, allow time to meet with our Practice Manager to talk through cost and available dates for surgery.

How many consultations do I need prior to cosmetic surgery?

You are able to book your surgery after your first consultation. If you still have questions after the first consultation, you can book a second consultation. Once the surgery is booked, a pre-operative consultation is included to finalise your personalised surgical journey.

Do I need a referral?

Some operations are considered to be a medically indicated; therefore a rebate might be available from Medicare Australia. If you are going to claim any rebates from Medicare or your private health fund, for your consultation or surgery, you will need a referral from your GP or Specialist.

Can I see pictures of Dr Avery’s previous work?

Yes, please go to our Gallery section where you can enter your details to view our private online gallery.

Will private health insurance cover some costs?

If the procedure is medically indicated, and there is a Medicare item number that is appropriate for the procedure, and your private health insurance policy covers the allocated item number, some or all of your costs will be covered.

Are there any pre-operative instructions?

Everyone who has surgery will receive pre-operative and post-operative instructions specific to his or her surgical journey.

Do I need a pre-operative assessment?

All patients undergoing major surgery will need a pre-operative appointment. There is no cost for the pre-operative appointment.

When can I be discharged from the hospital?

It depends on the surgery you are having and if you have any underlying health concerns. Minor surgeries will generally involve a ‘day stay’ only without an overnight stay in the hospital. More significant surgeries will generally require a 1 to 7-night stay, depending on the procedure.

When is my first post-operative appointment?

This will depend on the surgery that has been performed. Generally 7 to 10 days after the surgery.

When am I able to resume regular exercise?

This will depend on the surgery that has been performed. This will be noted in your post-operative instructions and discussed at your pre-operative appointment.